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Software consulting

Software consulting is providing expert knowledge in the software space to clients. It will help any businesses that need an outside, expert opinion regarding a business decision.

Custom software development

This is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organisations.

Enterprise software solution

Blink Digital will aim to support and solve the problems of any company with our wide range of roles that allow for serveral user roles to perform differently. For example, customer service representatives can track clients' issues and communication alongside internal responses and updates.

Offshore development center

We are an extended, integrated, and dedicated offshore team that will support a company located anywhere in the world. It is a popular business model for different kinds of companies including startups and enterprise companies.

Software integration

This is where Blink Digital uses software integration to bring together various types of software sub-systems to create a unified single system. Migrating from a legacy system to a new database system, including cloud-based data storage.

Maintenance Support

This refers to the tasks required to keep the website functioning properly and up to date. It involves regular checks on the website for issues, making updates, or adding new features.

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